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Who we are

Classrooms for Malawi believe that education is the most effective and sustainable route out of poverty. To alleviate poverty through education, we provide young people in Malawi with the opportunity to attend school in a safe, clean, and friendly learning environment.



What we do

We construct and repair education facilities in areas of highest need in collaboration with local communities, to provide an environment conducive to effective learning. There are an estimated 41,000 classrooms required to enable all children to learn indoors, almost all schools in rural Malawi carry out most of their learning outdoors.



How we do it

In the UK, we partner with schools, companies and community groups to raise funds and to collaborate with partners in Malawi . We encourage and develop long term links with schools and communities in Malawi, working on areas of pressing need together – with the ultimate aim of increasing educational attainment which is proven to decrease poverty levels.





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