With your help, we can install electricity in our partner Community Day Secondary Schools.

Presently, only 2 of these schools have an electricity supply in each classroom.

Why is this important? Education is widely recognized as one of the most essential components
for poverty reduction. Lack of electricity at primary and secondary schools creates considerable
obstacles towards escaping poverty, and correlates with many factors that contribute directly
towards it.

For many students and teachers in Malawi, energy poverty is a challenge faced every day both at
home and at school. This means that learning and teaching must be conducted with only very
limited daylight. This has a detrimental effect on our Open Learners.

What is an Open Learner?
There’s a limited number of Secondary schools in Malawi and pupils must go through a selection
process. Passing the Standard 8 Exam in primary school doesn’t mean automatic selection.

This leaves the other students with three options:
a. Repeat Standard 8 to improve their chance of being selected the following year.
b. Go to a private secondary school where the fees are high.
c. Enrol at a public secondary school as an Open Learner. These students start school lessons
around 3 p.m. They are taught in the classes that have been vacated by the selected pupils who
started their day at 7:30 am.

For most people in Malawi, the chance to attend secondary school is something very special, and
millions of children in Malawi will never get the chance to experience secondary education at all.

To ensure that the maximum number of pupils can benefit, we can help:

  • £5 buys a lightbulb
  • £10 pays for a lamp holder
  • £15 for each socket
  • £20 buys wiring
  • £25 pays for a distribution board
  • £30 for a circuit breaker

Could you help Classrooms for Malawi light up our schools for Christmas?

Please check out this link to find out more and donate to our cause.

Thank you!