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About Classrooms for Malawi

Classrooms for Malawi’s mission is simple: to alleviate poverty through education. We believe that education offers the most sustainable route out of poverty.

To educate is to arm children against malnutrition, infant mortality and disease. A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past age 5. Yet in Malawi, there is a deficit of over 70,000 classrooms with children learning outdoors or in crumbling buildings. We work to eradicate this.

We improve places of education throughout Malawi so that children go to school in safe, dynamic learning environments.

We work side-by-side with Malawian communities and local authorities to identify schools in urgent need of improved infrastructure. Through consultation with community leaders, parents, teachers and local authorities we employ local tradesmen, working with locally sourced materials, to construct classrooms.

Working in Scotland and Malawi with volunteers, schools, businesses, community groups, local authorities and other charities, Classrooms for Malawi has, since our inception in 2012, built and renovated over 70 classrooms.

Our goal is to take children out of poverty and into education.

Our beliefs

We share a common passion for overcoming poverty through Education. Research to date has shown that Education offers individuals and poor communities the best possible and most sustainable route out of poverty.

What we hope to achieve

We hope to build and improve classrooms in Malawi to an acceptable standard,Β  fit for educating children. We want to eradicate instances of children being taught under trees during the rainy season orΒ in crumbling, unsafe buildings.
We believe that Education is the only sustainable route out of poverty for the children of Malawi.

Our model

We liaise with the Local Authority Education Department to identify the most needy schools. Then we work directly with head teachers, parents, local village chiefs and other community leaders. Our basic principle is to work in partnership with the community – rather than simply provide something for them. We will only use locally resourced materials and work with localtradesmen.

Our funding

At present we are funded through fundraising activities, events and individual donations. The team is committed to individually and collectively fundraise to support the projects. As yet we receive no grants or other external funding.

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