Each entry costs just £1 per week and the draw takes place every Friday.
When you join the lottery you’re allocated your own 6-digit lottery number. A random winning number is drawn – the aim is to match the winning number.
Six digits in the correct place wins £25,000
Five digits in the correct place wins £1,000
Four digits in the correct place wins £25
Three digits in the correct place wins five prize entries into the next draw 
All winners are notified and cash prizes are sent automatically if you win and prize entries are automatically entered into the next draw –  so you can’t miss out!
For every £1 entry at least 50p goes directly to Classrooms for Malawi programmes. The rest goes towards running the lottery and the amazing prizes!


Our weekly lottery gives you the chance of winning a £25,000 jackpot, and at the same time helps us support the daily education of the children of Malawi.


Desire Phodogoma
Desire Phodogoma

“What I am most grateful about the renovations Classrooms for Malawi did here is how the hostel demarcations have given us privacy and security. Before the renovations, there was a lot of theft among students because it was impossible to hold anyone accountable in a group of students sleeping in one big hall. But now our belongings are safer and secure. This secondary school is special to me because it gives a chance to us students who are seen to be less intelligent a chance to compete at national level”
Dorthon Mkandawire
Dorthon Mkandawire

“What I am most grateful about the renovations Classrooms for Malawi made here is the concrete slab at our hostels, showers and the laundry area. Before the concrete slap, we were tripping and falling, getting injured in the process especially during the rainy season. It was also very unconfutable for physically challenged student. Now life is easier, the showers and laundry area have improved our menstrual hygiene as girls in this school. I value this school because through it, there is hope that I could learn something and be a useful citizen to my country”