Corporate Partnerships

Classrooms For Malawi is a proud charity partner to a variety of businesses in both the public and private sectors. Our corporate partnerships are vital connections for our organisation, as they provide the support we need to sustain the work we carry out with partner school communities across Malawi, helping us to make the biggest impact possible.

By becoming a corporate charity partner of Classrooms For Malawi, your business will be directly involved in furthering the provision of education facilities in Malawi.

The education infrastructure will shape the futures of children in Malawi; one of the biggest challenges facing this area is overcrowding. As a charity partner, you will support us and the schools we partner with to end overcrowded facilities, giving every child an equal chance to learn in a purpose-built environment. Your donations will also help us to build more partnerships with schools, building upon our existing range of educational partners in Malawi.

Our volunteers and our valued corporate partnerships are making a difference to the lives of children in Malawi, and we are always looking for new sources of support to help us achieve our goals in the region.

Securing charity corporate partnerships will allow us to continue the work we do. If you are interested in joining us then simply contact us today to find out more. You can also request a talk with us or take a look at the projects we’ve been working on.

Our Current Corporate Partnerships and Funders: