Charity School Partnerships

A key part of our aim here at Classrooms For Malawi is to enable children and young people at our partner schools in Malawi to access education in a safe and secure environment.

At Classrooms For Malawi, we believe in equitable school partnerships. By working closely with schools across the UK, we have the opportunity to develop a greater sense of awareness of the differences between our education systems and the challenges facing children and young people in the UK and Malawi.

We aim to link partner schools in the UK with schools in Malawi, providing both with useful resources so they can develop strong long term partnerships. These partnerships can be carried out online or through school volunteering projects in Malawi.

Partnerships are extremely important to our organisation, and building these external connections enable us to drive more positive change. Our main goal of improving and building education facilities in Malawi is supported by our work with partners, from those in the education sector, to our charity corporate partnerships.

Our charity school partnerships highlight the value of learning and show why it is so necessary to be implemented safely for the children of Malawi. If you are interested in becoming a Classrooms For Malawi partner, complete the contact form below for more details or discover other ways you can make a difference with our volunteering and fundraising opportunities.


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