Project Details

Date : 2013
Volunteer Name : Completed: Classroom build

Project Description

Misesa Primary School holds a special place in our heart at Classrooms for Malawi as it was the first project we identified back in 2012. With a roll in excess of 2000 children, the school was in urgent need of new classrooms and renovation of existing structures. No classrooms had been constructed since the school opened in the 1960’s despite the school roll growing exponentially.

Working with the local community and local builders, Classrooms for Malawi constructed a new 3 classroom block and renovated three existing classrooms.

At the opening of the new classrooms, Paul, the village chief gave an emotional account of the importance of this project to their community.  “I hope that one day a President of this country will have been taught in that classroom, if not a president then an MP, if not an MP then a doctor or a teacher. Education allows our children to aspire to such success. I thank Classrooms for Malawi for contributing to this journey”.