Chilandepa Primary School, Blantyre Rural

Project Details

Volunteer Name : Completed: 2020

Project Description

Chilandepa Primary School has been a Classrooms for Malawi partner since 2017. The school is in rural Blantyre, where communities have poor infrastructure and little or no access to basic services. The school roll is 811, with 14 teachers across eight classes, in addition the school has only one latrine for all pupils.

In 2017, when our partnership began, four of the eight classes learned outside due to lack of classroom space. To address this, in 2017, in collaboration with the local community and one of our annual volunteer teams we constructed a two- classroom block at the school site. In 2020, our plan had been to carry out required renovations on one further classroom block and also to construct two new blocks of latrines at the school to enable a much higher standard of hygiene.

Due to funding constraints, the renovation work will be carried out in 2021 however we are delighted to have been able to complete the construction of both latrine blocks which will be used by all 811 pupils.

Chilandepa Primary School Chilandepa Primary School