Mlambe 1 Primary School, Blantyre Rural

Project Details

Volunteer Name : Completed: 2021

Project Description

Mlambe 1 Primary School is situated around 40 minutes north of the city of Blantyre. The school was established in 1924 and currently consists of 4 blocks, each with 2 working classrooms. There are currently 582 pupils (317 boys and 265 girls) enrolled, and 9 teachers employed giving a ratio of approximately 1:65.

In terms of work required, Block 2 is currently being renovated by CfM. Steel doors, windows and new trusses have been fitted, internal and external walls have been plastered and new drains and ramps are due to be installed. Block 1 however, is still in need of refurbishment; this work will take place in 2021. The foundation of the block is strong, however, the trusses and the roof need to be replaced; steel doors and windows need to be fitted; drains, ramps and the floor need to be replaced; and both the interior and exterior require painting. In addition, the current headteacher’s office in block 1 will be renovated to make the teaching environment more appropriate.