Project Details

Date : 2015
Volunteer Name : Completed: Build Project

Project Description

This project in the remote village of William is the most ambitious project for Classrooms for Malawi to date: building a school where there was previously no school at all.

In 2015, working in partnership with Renfrewshire Council Building Services, Classrooms for Malawi constructed a three classroom block, a school feeding kitchen and a teacher’s house. Our partner charity – the Well Foundation – also installed an irrigation system while a local social enterprise sewed school uniforms.

The importance of this school to William Village cannot be overstated. Previously children had to walk for many kilometres to attend the nearest school which was not only dangerous, but also tiring meaning that learners could not properly engage in their lessons. Very few children made this journey – meaning that William Village was locked in a cycle of poor attainment and poverty.

By bringing a school to the village, the children of William have the opportunity to transform their own lives as well as the life of their community.